Our Thrust Area

BDSSS provides a conducive working environment for the staffs to explore, exhibit and to learn. Right person for the right job is experienced over years thus professional social worker are selected and trained to work effectively in the project to meet the demands and actualize that set apart in the project. BDSSS also working with direction of Human Resource Management Policy which aims to improve the performance and effectiveness of BDSSS, by maximizing the efficiency and performance of all its stakeholders through enhancing their knowledge, skills, attitudes, actions, motivations and loyalty to its vision and mission. BDSSS also to reward them with appropriate compensation and incentives and to provide comfortable working environments as well as to ensure that given responsibilities are performed to the best of their abilities. Above all, to institutionalize an organizational culture which respects and promotes basic human values as specified above, promote shared responsibilities, personal growth, job satisfaction, transparent and participatory decision making